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I don't pretend to have all the answers.But I do offer my clients the best questions.

My programms are designed to empower and support you with the focus, learning, tools, feedback, strategies and accountability you want to achieve the results you want.

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I am dedicated to help SERIOUS leaders,CEO's,business owners,start-ups ,private people to grow ,thrive and be successful.If you are serious about taking your business to the next level:

I invite you to schedule a 30 minutes Complementary Evaluation with me personally or by Skype .The answer you will discover in this session are invaluable to growing your business.I will bring the session to you no cost and no obligation .

Don't forget what got you to where you are no longer good enough to keep you there.

There are multiple ways I can help you

State Of The Art Program           


Vision Day-V.I.P Day                                        

Business  Accelerator program                 

Executive Coaching                                           

CEO peer advisory board

Leadership at the TOP

Business Building Day

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Zsuzsa Bálint (CerTEFL,FTBE)

Leadership & business developer, executive coach, communication trainer, CEO peer advisory