Go from Stressful to Successful.

(Bodrogi Kúria Wellness Hotel,Inárcs)   

(Beckenham Park,England)   

(Bassano del Grappa,Italy)                                           

This intensive experience gives you time, place and space to vision your desired future. We build on the power of dialogue and thinking together to generate the fullest, clearest, most decisive and most progressive thinking and action.

Vison Day-V.I.P Day is YOUR PERSONAL strategic planning retreat.

A Unique Experience

Completely away from the demands of your workplace, we meet in the beautiful Inárcs/Beckenham  and spend the day together reflecting, generating, visioning, goal setting and planning.This bespoke programme is for busy executives who want to make significant progress in their personal and working lives without signing up for an ongoing coaching programme. Our aim is for you to leave the session being clear, insightful, potent, purposeful, re-vitalised and energized, not just ready for the road that lies ahead but having played a major part in building it.We offer this as a Duo Day for co-founders or peer executives, to work individually and together throughout the day, each with their own developer culminating in a joint action planning session.Listen our podcast about what is and what you get out of it.



  • Skype or face-to-face evaluation meeting
  • Set up the strategy and fix the date of the meeting

During the day you will be able to:

  • Reflect – understand yourself & discover your strengths and drivers      
  • Refocus – bring your energy towards success rather than away from  difficulties
  • Reignite – define your purpose & rediscover your passion and your true self
  • Resolve – commit to delivering the changes you want.

The fee includes:the1day program from 9.00AM-8.00PM,transport,meal,tea&coffee during the day,2 follow up calls after .The fee could differ from country to country.

“I wish I’d done this years ago. I’m now really clear about who and what I am, what I want and how I want to be as a leader”.

Peter, CEO of a Financial & Marketing company

Amazed at how a few hours can be so transformational.

“Vision Day gave me the realization that I can create the perfect life.  In my business life, I am able to see the big picture so the daily ups and downs stay secondary to keeping my eye on the ball in achieving my goals.

If you have unanswered questions in your personal and business life and want to discover answers by looking inside yourself instead of asking for advice. Vision Day-V.I.P Day  will bring it on. Self-discovery with guidance is much more powerful and lasting than just coaching!


“The day was full of hopeful, positive energy.”

Financial Manager,Tech Company,Brighton



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Susan Bálint (LCC,FTBE,GLM)

Global leadership & business developer, executive coach, communication trainer, CEO peer advisory