My tailored programmes have helped numerous leaders,but not only to work,live  more effectively. Here’s what some of my  recent clients  had to say:

"We used YOUR  Professionalism to offer training support to 10 new Team Leaders who were appointed as part of a re-structure to strengthen our management teams. The feedback from the experience was terrific and more importantly the benefits from the training were tangible and the impact immediate. I was, and still am, delighted with the decision to work with you.Great  work, Susan. Thank you."

Samuel Harris, Director of Engineering

“Susan  quick and effective work was fantastic. Her approach made her popular with our learners, who gave us enthusiastic feedback on their evaluation documents. She handled a number of sensitive situations with tact. The program she  delivered was noted for its realism and practicality, and the feedback she  gave to us was insightful and prompted wider organisational learning.”

Aled Windener,  KNH 

“I would like to thank you ,it was presented in a friendly and professional manner which made  extremely pleasurable and memorable."

Managing Director –Waste Management

"The expert advice and coaching I received  has been invaluable. The improvement in our productivity and efficiency – right across the business – was both dramatic and immediate. THANKS SO SO MUCH!"

Simon D.,Managing Director – RWD,LTD

"I met with Susan again recently and on reflection I realise that her  role back then has helped to make me the successful sales person I am today. It’s not often we are lucky in life to be influenced and work with talented business people,advisory  but Susan  is one of those people. Her straight forward and creative style of Managing is unique and if ever someone completely understands people, their different personalities and what makes them tick,SHE  is that person."

J. White, National Sales Manager

"Susan thank you for the excellent quality of work that you achieved during the two days coaching. I have had very positive feedback from both First & Second Line Managers & I am convinced that your contribution was a very good example of best practice. I am very pleased that my managers were fortunate enough to experience it."

Regional Sales Manager ~ Yell Group Co

"SUSAN l is an outstanding OD ,Her relaxed and energetic  style puts individuals and groups at ease resulting in open, honest and productive exchanges. I would not hesitate to recommend HER  as a first class Coach. and leadership developer."

Nick B~ Sales Director at BetterVare


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Susan Bálint (LCC,FTBE,GLM)

Global leadership & business developer, executive coach, communication trainer, CEO peer advisory