" Responsive and Responsible."

(We are no longer able to accept applications for September,we are fully booked. )

             What is Leadership?                          

Leadership on the TOP focuses on the whole leader to meet the challenges of the enterprise.

Just THREE meetings a year (each just 48  hours) in convenient locations.

Top leaders play an important role in the success of the companies.                                           

And, they need to be exceptionally good in new ways.

The challenges of leadership at the top are comprehensive, complex and it is crucial that they be well done.

It is different. We know.

  A 2-and-a-half-day EXPERIENCE

Leadership on  the Top is a unique experience that lets top executives maximize their personal leadership power and accelerate organizational  aims. Leadership at the Top  focuses on the whole leader to meet the challenges of the company.                         

                                                LEADERSHIP ON THE TOP
                                          Responsive and Responsible Leadership
                      A Roadmap for Sustainable Long-Term Growth and Opportunity

I recall a comment from @AlGore: “When people flirt with despair about the future, they are less likely to take the actions necessary to safeguard it, focusing instead on the short-term.” I agree with this sentiment. And I also observe the call by @LarryFink asking that every CEO lay out a strategic framework for long-term value creation and to avoid short term-ism.
(Frans van Houten, CEO Royal Philips)

“Leadership on the TOP” is a unique experience that lets top executives maximize their personal leadership power and accelerate organizational aims. Leadership on the TOP focuses on the whole leader, assisting him/her to meet the challenges of the company.Listen the video about what is it and what you get out of it.

Who should participate?
•    C-level & senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization
•    Those with more than 10 years of management experience & leadership

What makes Leadership on the TOP a must-join programme?
•     Serious applicants appropriately challenged and in the company of their peers
•     Individual leader development in the context of advancing the business
•     Personalised content via assessments, dedicated coaching relationships and tailored activities
•     Managing energy, fitness, health assessments addressed as components of effective leadership
•     Trainers and leadership developers with many years of international  experience working with senior executives
•    Participants from around the world in this session

What do participants learn?
TOP leaders gain a clear view of their impact on the organization and:
•    Develop clear action plans for organizational challenges and priorities
•    Clarify organizational vision
•    Explore their leadership effectiveness, within the organization and in comparison to other senior executives
•    Improve external influence skills with boards, shareholders, partners and critical stakeholders
•    Enhance executive image and communication skills
•    Learn to balance & sustain their own energy

Tuition: $2800* (depending on the participant's country)

Length: 2-and-a-half days

Average class size: 6

Instructor/participant ratio: 1:3

Leadership developer:
 One half-day in the programme; 
1 pre-programme call and 2 follow-up calls

Language: English.

*The fee includes: 2 and-a-half days of training, 2 nights, all meals, tea & coffee during the day.

APPLY via this link.

Leadership on the TOP is tailored to the specific needs of each participant. This process starts 2 weeks before the programme:

Pre-programme activities include:
• Web-based assessment surveys, completed by participants, direct reports, peers and superiors
• A 30-minute call between individual participants and the leadership developer

For 2 days, participants are involved in activities and conversation that lead to insight and new skills
• Highly relevant, research-based content to expand knowledge and address essential challenges
• Experiential activities to add depth to feedback and key ideas
• Media interviews to assess executive image and presence
• Health and fitness assessment and daily activities to connect energy management to leader's effectiveness
• A 2-hour personal session with the leadership developer to integrate the experience and plan next steps
• Extensive networking opportunities to provide connections, ideas and support

                           Are you having the impact you want to have?
Ongoing support includes:
• REFLECTIONS®, an assessment to measure skills and behaviour progress, completed 3 months after the programme
•    Three, 1-hour phone sessions with the leadership  developer
•    Feedback after 3 months of the programme to measure progress
•    Optional, fee-based fitness and executive presence coaching
•    Optional, fee-based learning and support, such as extended leadership development engagement 

              This is the kind of experience you get when you come to Leadership on the TOP.

What participants from the UK said about last year's programme:

“Not only have I seen direct improvements in individuals’ performances due to these days, but many of these same individuals
have displayed stronger leadership which has influenced our organization as a whole.”
President, IT Company (200+), Leeds

"One of the main benefits of attending this programme was learning more about my leadership style and translating it into a
higher level of confidence."
Senior executive, Hospitality industry (1500+), London

"CEO's, do not hesitate to apply! This programme is a path of light for those who have a quest for knowledge. Each day presents
an opportunity to learn and develop."
CEO, Manufacturing industry (200+), Bradford

"The training restored my way of thinking and led me to listen more and become more flexible when considering the
recommendations of others."
Deputy Head, Telecom Company (200+), UK

“When I went to the Leadership on the TOP program, there was a fair amount of uncertainty in my company and there were
some stark contrasts regarding the 360–degree feedback I got. It was an eye-opening experience and the organizers did a good
job, especially Susan, helping me put things into context. Thank you for these 5 days.”
Chairperson, Securities, Bath


Susan Bálint (LCC, FTBE)
Global leadership & business developer,
CEO peer advisory
Success-for-business International

Michele Orzan
President of EuCham - European Chamber
Digital Leader, World Economic Forum
Founder Greenwill





Susan Bálint (LCC,FTBE,GLM)

Global leadership & business developer, executive coach, communication trainer, CEO peer advisory