Business Building Day - workshop

If you can do only one thing to improve  your business,this  DAY IS FOR YOU! How to build,grow and expand your business.It is designed  to equip you with almost everything you need to build,grow and manage your business.

This workshop will take you step -by-step through „must know” key points to show you how to create a business /practice that not only survives-but thrives. WORKS!

From 2020  we run ONLY ONLINE!

One day workshop will cover the followings:

Essential tools.Image.Everything is people

Communication skills.Go where money is.

Sequence of success .Mechanics of wealth.

Products available to help your business grow

What not to do.

300 special free tools to build your business.

How to generate leads.Professional networking. 

Using social media sites-the strategy

How to communicate your value.Speak your clients language.

 Workshops in 2023:

  At  our  center at The Columbia Hotel

  • 13 May(Filled)
  • 17 June(2 places lett )
  • 23 September

 Online on Zoom

  • 11 March
  • 22 April
  • 21 October
  • 25 November 

Last  2 workshops in 2021:

  • 11 November
  • 12  December

 Our ONLINE trainings in 2021:

  • 22 April(Filled) 
  • 24 June(Filled)
  • 9 September (Filled)

 Training dates in 2020:

  • 27-28 February .(FILLED)
  • 26-27 March(Filled)

Events for 2019:

  • 6 February,Bradford,West Yorkshire(Filled)
  • 20 February,Lichfield,Staffordshire(Filled)
  • 26 April ,Brighton(Filled)
  • 15 May,London(Filled)

​Upcoming workshops:

  • 27 June,Dorchester,Dorset(Filled)
  • 19 September,London(Filled)in collaboration with Yell Group.

Workshop dates 2018:

The 23 Februray ,South Manchester training program is FILLED.

Next training 14 April will be run in Bristol .FILLED.

The 31 May,West Yorkshire training program is FILLED

Upcoming workshops:

       27 September Bath,Somerset (Filled)

       12 October Salisbury,Southern England(Filled)

Tuition Fee:

ONLINE :£155.The fee include the workshop from 9.00 am-5pm.(30 minutes lunch break)

Offline: £199.The fee includes:The 1 day workshop from 9.00AM-5.00PM,tea&coffee during the day.

Business Building  was far more more than a workshop.  I can say now that I understand better the world of how to build a business and also how demographically and statistics studies help me identify better possibilities,, risks, advantages and also how my business  fits in today’s world .
Thank you,Susan .
 Can’t wait to start putting in practice what I have learnt. Thank you!
 I got a lot of energy and got inspired and learned a lot  ,I cannnot wait to put in practice.
I had to understan that having a profession and building a business are two different things.Excellent worshop.
Such a great workshop,VERY PRACTICAL with immediat use.

Susan Bálint (LCC,FTBE,GLM)

Global leadership & business developer, executive coach, communication trainer, CEO peer advisory